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FotoFlipz to be featured at the 2016 Imagen Awards

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For Sponsors

Learn how to brand your events with attendee photos. Use FotoFlipz to create memorable image’s compatible with social media. Sponsors are always looking for fun and exciting ways to build brand awareness.
  1. Geo and IP Location
    With FotoFlipz, sponsors have the potential to “target market” their product(s) locally, regionally and nationally. 
  2. Coupons
    Sponsors can offer virtual coupons which can be redeemed by end-users at point of purchase. Additionally, the FotoFlipz App is compatible with ALL POS software. Therefore, coupon(s) can have bar code capability. 
  3. Easy to Update Images
    Sponsored FotoFlipz images can be updated quickly. Simply request a change via remote access.   
  4. Secure Server
    All client files are secured in a virtual vault and remain confidential. 
  5. Brand Awareness / Social Media Exposure
    Once end-users “pick, click, post” to their favorite social media website(s), sponsors have instant brand awareness of their product and the potential for a viral marketing campaign with endless impressions.  

    Example 1:  Major food manufacturers can create scrumptious recipes where end-users must use specific brands in order to make the recipe. Specific logos and images will be on the posted FotoFlipz.

    Example 2:  Record label / movie releases.  FotoFlipz is a great avenue to promote new release movies and multi city concert tours. 
  6. Data Capture  
    FotoFlipz has the ability to data capture names, email addresses, age groups, etc. – depending on the sponsors needs and requirements.