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FotoFlipz to be featured at the 2016 Imagen Awards

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Fotoflipz was created by Rodney Van Johnson from the huge success of his first company www.photohardcard.com where he came up with the idea when he did not have a good picture of his kids in his wallet that wasn’t “tore or weathered”. Rodney only had a school ID photo of his oldest son Quincy. He thought… if you can put a “picture” on a card…why not a “photo” ? Hence the birth of PhotoHardCard! 

His Co-founders of PhotoHardCard Derrial Christon and Teal Moss saw a marketing opportunity by selling advertising on the back of the card. This brilliant idea viral put them on 30 city concert tour bus with Alicia Keys and a sponsorship with Lexus and XM Radio. After successful years and a strong client base of Harrah’s, Coke, Marines, Best Buy, Pepsi, Bud Light, Budweiser, Mercedes Benz, Magic Johnson Foundation. Mr. Van Johnson decided to merge Photohardcard and create one company Fotoflipz

Now the company is able to offer is clients a viral experience while still giving them the ‘hands on” experience that made them so popular in the past. Fotoflipz has now partner with Mike Schmitt of Clairvoyix a Las Vegas based company specializing in data capture and marketing to the hospitality industry. Expect Fotoflipz to be the next social media BOOM APP that will merge the smart phone user with advertiser, events that “Flipz” them.